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Stake - MVP Mobile Application

Stake is simplifying real estate investing for all. Their mission is to empower individuals like you to participate in the world of real estate, regardless of your background or expertise.

They understand the complexities and barriers that often hinder individuals from venturing into real estate investing. That's why they hired us to built a platform that demystifies the process, making it easy for anyone to invest and benefit from this lucrative asset class.

Stake - MVP Mobile Application


Stake was negotiating terms for closing a funding round and they wanted to show a working MVP to be able to better show the value of their idea to investors.

They trusted us with the process, since they already had a mobile branding and also a developer they did the design and we just brought the engineering know how.



Most of the early work was around developing a custom datepicker providing a easy, quick and luxury experience to the users.

The target market of the application is people with money and risk profile to invest online and in real estate, these users are demanding and having a bad experience will translate in revenue loss for the company.

The delivered experience was amazing and the Stake team was very happy with the final result.


Technologies used


The Results

Results? We delivered on time, everything that was asked they closed a $4M round and after the round we continue to work with them and they already closed another $8M. In June 2021 this number had already increased to $12 million. If you want similar results, send dm.


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