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Globalvia and Openvia - Software Development

Globalvia and Openvia are well-known companies leading in innovation in infrastructure and technology.

Globalvia is one of the biggest highway concession managers in the world they are all about ensuring efficient and seamless global connectivity.

Meanwhile, Openvia is a vital part of this tech ecosystem, providing innovative solutions to enhance user experiences within the infrastructure developed by Globalvia.

The Wiseverge team played a crucial role in establishing a robust backend infrastructure supporting various applications for Globalvia and Openvia, serving millions of users worldwide every day.

Globalvia and Openvia - Software Development

Solutions Developed for Globalvia and Openvia

Backend Architecture:

The backend solution we developed for Openvia is based in a microservice architecture and communicating mainly via events, this technological choices makes our infrastructure capable handling millions of daily transactions.

Imagine the vast flow of cars on a highway, and now, multiply that by the numerous concessions our software supports, the multiple times the car information is passed to the system. And just to gives you perspective now multiply it again by diverse events such as OBU validation, payments, account validation, auditing, collecting information from multiple integrations.

Well, you can start to imagine the scale!

OpenVia Portal

API Provision:

To meet diverse internal needs, we offer our API in two ways:

  • Internally, events as we said in the beginning but also there's a REST API accessible to other services.
  • While externally, a GraphQL API serves various mobile apps, web platforms and external integrations.


We also created connections to handle crucial aspects of the Globalvia and Openvia backend system, such as money, letters, taxes, and other company integrations, essential for the functioning of the services.

Here are some of the integrations that we were responsible for building:

  • Integrated with Prosegur to manage money collection at the Concessions
  • Integrated with CTT API to send letters
  • Integrated with the Portuguese Tax Authority
  • Integrated with Via Verde
  • Integrated with banks to handle credit card payments


The tech foundation for Globalvia and Openvia using a variety of tools and technologies, such as:

  • Orchestration using Kubernetes: Kubernetes is a powerful platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of applications.
  • Containerization using Docker
  • Elastic Search + Kibana: Elastic Search is a search and analytics engine, while Kibana provides a visualization layer for exploring and analyzing data stored in Elastic Search.
  • Self-hosted instance of Apache Kafka: Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform, and hosting it ourselves allows for efficient and scalable real-time data processing.
  • Microservices architecture with over 30 services: This approach involves breaking down a complex system into smaller, independent services, enhancing flexibility and scalability.
  • Spring Boot, Java: Spring Boot is a framework for building Java-based applications, simplifying development and promoting convention over configuration.
  • Databases: AWS DynamoDB, MySQL, Redis:
    • DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service by AWS
    • MySQL is a widely used relational database
    • Redis is an in-memory data structure store used as a cache or message broker.
  • File system: AWS S3: Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a scalable object storage service, ideal for storing and retrieving large amounts of data.
  • React: React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It allows for creating dynamic and responsive web applications with a modular component-based structure.


Legacy Data and Database Performance for Globalvia and Openvia

Navigating through old information and storage posed significant challenges for Wiseverge throughout the project development. To overcome this, we implemented specialized listeners and migrators, playing a crucial role in converting data into a more modern format.

This transformation was essential to ensure compatibility with the various platforms of Globalvia, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

On another note, managing millions of records in multiple databases also brought technical challenges.

We dedicated considerable efforts to optimize the performance of SQL queries. This involved fine-tuning and enhancing the efficiency of queries to handle the large volume of data more effectively.

We’re now working on SQL sharding mechanisms to keep up with the sheer scale of the system.

OpenVia Mobile

Technologies used



Optimized Database Performance

All the optimizations and developments made not only improved the overall performance but also contributed to a more responsive and agile system, meeting the demands of the intricate information landscape of Globalvia.

We are very proud of the software development solutions we implemented with this partner.

Looking forward to future projects together!


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