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Rely - MVP Development is an internal developer portal for high performing developer teams. The platform ensures improved developer experience, enhanced engineering efficiency, and unparalleled visibility into the catalog of services, user journeys, and infrastructure resources.

Rely is committed in assisting teams in tracking quality, reliability, documentation, and operational maturity, consolidating these critical aspects in one unique and simplified space.


The challenge: centralizing information for enhanced collaboration

At the core of Rely's mission lies the centralization of information related to a company's services, teams, and more.

The primary challenge Rely, as an Internal Developer Portal (IDP), addresses is the creation of a unified space for companies to establish entities representing their services, such as APIs. This encompasses the ability to associate repositories, track pull requests, issues, and other relevant metrics.

Furthermore, Rely empowers organizations to enrich this information with details about data sources, responsible teams, and other crucial aspects, all within a single, cohesive platform.

Addressing the challenge: aligning product objectives with technologies

As a significant challenge posed by Rely, Wiseverge aligned product objectives with the technologies employed in the project, for example: React, GraphQL, TanStack, etc these choices ensured a fast and adaptive web application capable of handling vast amounts of data.

The challenge was particularly great when considering structural and technological alignments, transitioning from a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) framework to an Internal Developer Portal (IDP). mobile

Challenges and migrations

As Rely takes on the challenge of providing a centralized hub for development-related information, specific challenges and migrations have emerged.

Two pivotal areas where Wiseverge has assumed ownership are:

  • Migrate the REST API to GraphQL API
  • Renderization engine based on JSON

This two shifts changed the platform completely.

The GraphQL allowed the frontend team to stop being blocked by APIs that were taking to long to be implemented. The development speed was greatly improved.

The renderization engine is so powerful that allows any client to configure the widgets and the content they want to see on the Rely platform and everything will be persisted and next time it will be shown to the user exactly as it was.

Technologies used


Results and future challenges

Recently, Rely successfully secured a 2€ million seed funding round led by the Swedish fund J12 Ventures, with participation from Shilling Capital Partners, Techstars NYC, and private investors from Google, Datadog, and Scaleway.

This capital injection enabled the startup to advance its suite of tools, integrate team collaboration features, and expand its product catalogs. The funding also supported the development of enhanced SLI models, SLOs-as-Code, autonomous SLO discovery, and incident management functionalities.

Rely’s initial focus was on becoming the most user-friendly Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platform, empowering companies to easily and rapidly adopt SRE practices. However, with the changes in the market and taking into account how SREs are somewhat recent, it made more sense to aim to create an Internal Developer Portal, since they are already cemented in the market as a tool a lot of companies use or have a need for.

Important to note that this shift to an IDP doesn’t discard the work done regarding the development of the SRE functionalities mentioned above. Rely’s still aims to incorporate these functionalities in the IDP, broadening the capabilities of this tool to also account for the need for these functionalities.

With Rely at the helm, companies are undergoing a transformative shift in their developer workflows. The centralized approach to information, combined with ownership of critical components like the GraphQL API and JSON-based page rendering, underscores Rely's commitment to addressing the evolving needs of high-performing engineering teams.

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As Rely continues to evolve, the future holds exciting possibilities for further enhancements, integrations, and innovations. The journey with Rely is not merely about solving current challenges but also about empowering companies to embrace a future where developer experiences are elevated to new heights.

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And certainly, Wiseverge will be by Rely's side as a strategic partner following this brilliant and promising future.

Strategic partnership that works

Rely is not just a tool; it is a strategic partner for companies striving to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of software development. The partnership with Wiseverge has facilitated the transformation of an amazing idea into an innovative and comprehensive solution.


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