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Seedrs - MVP Mobile Application

Seedrs is a platform for equity crowdfunding based in the United Kingdom. It providers a platform for startups and growth-focused businesses to raise capital by connecting them with a network of investors.

After trying to develop their Mobile Application with an internal team Seedrs invited us to help them develop their Mobile Application. They are in the market and have their own branding so they wanted to use their own designers.

So after we understand the business and received the early mockups we started our development efforts.

Seedrs - MVP Mobile Application


Seedrs was losing potential revenue, every day that passes and they didn’t have a mobile application where the users could invest. There are extensive literature showing that most of the investors on this type of apps are acquired and invest through their mobile, so they really had a tight deadline for an early working version of the application.

Fast and quality

As you already read above we had really tight deadline constraints to publish something that’s working really fast without losing Wiseverge’s high-quality standards.

Seedrs Mvp Development Project Case Study Wiseverge

We used React Native to tackle this issue, we could write code in one codebase and create all the native platforms needed (iOS and Android). In addition with GitHub actions, Testflight and Firebase it allowed us to create faster builds and to deliver on-time.

Technologies used



Being an application where users can invest it’s mandatory to have some sort of charting, where users can see clearly how is their investment growing.

Besides making algorithms and strategies to make the graph loading instantly we also used technics like lazy loading of images and strategic cache to make sure the experience was the best possible.

The result

A working application, happy clients and Seedrs got acquired. You could be next, send us a DM and let’s see if we can help.


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